Dear all people who refuse to wear face coverings during the pandemic,

Thank you.

You have shown us what it is to be a true American.

For showing us what it is to take pride in our great nation’s ideals.

Ideals that reflect the Ayn Rand notion that everyone acts within their own self-interest. That people act without regard for others, because our country was founded on individualism. Right?

Thank you for disproving the theory of libertarianism, the notion that people, if left ungoverned, will do the right thing out of their own sense of decency and morality. Now we know that it is an extravagantly foolish notion.

It’s all of you who don’t wear masks that proved the need for universal healthcare.

I mean, if you’re going to go around killing people and putting them in the hospital with a deadly virus, we obviously need healthcare for everyone.

Thank you for pointing out the people who do wear masks as weak.

It was eye-opening to learn that that mask-wearers are weak for caring about the people around them. Weak for researching and listening to proven, scientific facts.

I mean, why would you wear masks, knowing that it’s one of the most effective ways to stop this pandemic? You are an American after all, and wearing a piece of cloth on your face in order to protect others is an infringement on your rights.

Thank you for ensuring that our stay at home orders last as long as possible.

This ensures that people with mental health conditions suffer and that people without mental health conditions develop them. Living alone for this long is difficult for everyone, but why think of the greater good? Keep everyone in isolation.

Thank you for keeping millions of Americans out of work.

For making sure that they are relying on unemployment, living paycheck to paycheck. For ensuring further government-funded stimulus packages and unemployment extensions. Because that’s better than making it safe enough for people to return to work.

Thank you for keeping our healthcare workers from their families and giving them PTSD.

For ensuring that so many of these brave people get sick with the virus. For overloading our hospitals past capacity, making doctors and nurses neglect their patients with pre-existing conditions.

Because it’s all about you. Who cares if you end up killing someone else, as long as it’s not infringing on your perceived rights?

I may as well just start murdering my neighbors, because it’s an infringement on my rights that they occupy the apartment next to mine, am I right?

I should look up to that couple I saw at the grocery store today, walking around without masks on, their bright red definitely-not-compensating-for-anything sports car parked in the red zone right in front of the store. They’re clearly above the law, above their fellow citizens. Those are the people who should be protected.

To that customer I had at the shop who threatened that he would punch me in the fucking face because I asked him and his friends to wear masks. He really made the point that it does not matter to him one way or another whether I lived or died, as long as he got to do what he wanted.

Thank you for pointing out the suffering you’ve all had to endure.

I did not realize all of the discrimination you’ve faced for showing the world that you don’t care about anybody else. I mean, it’s absolutely a fair comparison when you liken your suffering to that of black or Jewish people. Black people have been getting beaten up and murdered by cops disproportionately since they were kidnapped from their native land and enslaved; Jewish people have been enslaved throughout history and been the victims of violence from all other races. But, your suffering is clearly much worse.

Thank you for exposing yourselves for who you really are. Our lame duck president has made it safe for all of you – the white supremacists, the nazis, the chauvinists, the sex traffickers, the racists, the rapists, the non-mask-wearers, to do so.

Now we know who you are.

Because, you’re right. Refusing to wear masks is worth all of this torment.

And it’s not childish at all.


The lowly mask-wearers

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