If you voted for Joe Biden in this election, then chances are that you are a person who values humanity, unity, and compassion. 

So, we celebrate.


We celebrate both the end of an era of hate, greed, and selfishness, and the beginning of an era aligning with our values of human rights, compassion, and unity.

In Humanity.

The human rights that we have been craving for our black and brown brethren, for our friends in the LGBTQ+ community, our loved ones who are immigrants, and many more will finally be free from the dangers of executive hateful bigotry. Women’s rights will once again be on the path to healing and justice will be served for those who have wronged.

In unity.

The last four years, yes, we were unified; but we were unified in adversity. We were unified in our suffering because of targeted hostility and aggression. We were unified in the despondent feelings towards number 45, instead of unifying in love and hope. Now, we can be free to shake off the clinging negativity and continue our unity in positivity.

And, in compassion.

Our compassion was limited these last four years. The compassion was absent towards and in the people who refused to wear masks in public. Absent towards and in the people who demonized civil rights protests. Absent towards and in the leaders of this country. Everybody was trying to survive, and compassion dissolved in the rushing waters of desolation while we struggled not to drown.

And now we have to remember to be compassionate towards the people who suffered a loss this election. No, they did not extend to us the same compassion four years ago, but we must rise above that and align with our own values of compassion. The denial that they are feeling is the same denial that we felt four years ago. We know how it feels. We must extend our compassion to those who are hurting, because in that lie the humanity and unity that we so badly crave.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash
We have to be there for our sisters and brothers, our friends and our foes, our loved ones and the strangers. It’s the only way to heal the divide that 45 dug so deeply into our country.

We must heal the divide.

We cleanse the negativity of the last four years and welcome in the hope of the next four. We’ve found our way through the dark tunnel and can now poke our noses out into the air where the dust is clearing and the warmth of the sun is starting to permeate. We have defeated hate, greed, and selfishness with our strength in our love towards our fellow human beings.

We have proven our strength with our passion for human rights, our need for unity, and our deep compassion. Those are the reasons why we have prevailed.


Let’s make it our goal to make the next four years of compassion, unity, and humanity stronger than the fragile negativity of the last four. Generosity, random acts of kindness, and empathy are our allies. Who’s with me?


Photo by ATC Comm Photo from Pexels

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