Astrology is an Eastern spiritual practice that has become popularized in the West. Since the West is a culture that
The past is the past. The past is in the past. Yet, it lingers on, branded into the mind, twine
 If you read my previous post (see Discovering My Passion), I spoke of my 23 short years and the passion
“What makes you unique?” This has been the aggravating question that has plagued my life. “What sets you apart?” “Why
Everyone - everyone - thinks that they know better than you. That’s a fact. I always seem to find myself
Written by Skylan Abraham of www.skysartbucket.com Click here to read part one: Living with Postpartum Depression Battling the war known
When I was in third grade, my mom came to my class one day to help out with a project.
Written by Skylan Abraham of www.skysartbucket.com. Starting at the tender age of 19, I’ve birthed three beautiful boys in the
We are drowning. Swept up in a deluge of information, good, bad, honesty, dishonesty, people, places, things, words, melodies, judgment,
Originally published on Sky’s Art Bucket I want to paint you a picture, based on first-person perspective.        Comparing myself