A few months ago, I wrote an article called Actors Beware: You May Be in a Cult. I wrote it
Giving to others is rewarding and it’s the right thing to do. But sometimes, it can be challenging to figure
I admit it: I like labels. I do. It’s become a taboo thing to say, I know, but labels make
Whenever people come to me for advice on being an actor, I always tell them this: if you can imagine
Found yourself with some extra free-time these days? Maybe you’ve just retired? Go you! Whatever the reason for your extra
By Daniel F. Scherl The following is an edited transcript from the Memories of a Moonbird Podcast. Direct links at
When most people think about cults, they often assume that they are too intelligent or self-aware to get sucked in.
My grandfather stole Hitler's bathtub faucets. He was in his early 20s when the Nazis invaded his hometown of Vienna,
Dear all people who refuse to wear face coverings during the pandemic, Thank you. You have shown us what it
There is one thing that 2020 has not taken away from us, and that is more wild Florida People headlines.