Dear Mr. Trump,

You are a man who has made your living off of firing people. Your iconic catchphrase “you’re fired” has been the hallmark of your career. You have spewed this phrase at so many people throughout your shameful career, and now it’s your turn to see what it’s like.

In essence, the American presidency is just like any other profession. You are given a job to do, albeit a job with much more weight than the average American day job. But, the longevity of your position depends on your work performance. The American people have fired you because you did your job badly.

People voted for you because they wanted a change.

They were unhappy with the way things were going and felt the need to rock the boat. It seems that they got more of a change than they had bargained for.

They chose you for your business experience.

Unfortunately, using bankruptcy as a tool in your business dealings so you don’t have to pay your employees does not qualify you as a good businessman. Nor is it a replacement for experience in politics, of which you have none.

You shirked the briefings you received regarding how bad the Coronavirus epidemic would be.

Caring more about the economy than you did about actual people, you forced them to choose between exposing themselves to Covid at work and poverty. You convinced the American people that this deadly disease wasn’t anything to worry about. You made wearing masks a political issue instead of guiding people to look at it as the way to care for the people around you. As a result, tens of thousands of people have died. How will you be made to answer to that? Some say that you should be charged with murder. You have those deaths on your shoulders, as well as the even larger number of hospitalizations.

Not only did you condone white supremacy time and time again, but when it was revealed how severely black lives were at stake, you treated the matter with complacency.

When protests broke out, you incited violence by threatening peaceful protestors. The national guard was sent by you to mace and shoot rubber bullets at them, which caused severe injuries and some deaths. You have that on your shoulders.

You separated children from their parents at the border.

That is an act that only a person with no remorse, no love in his heart, and no common sense could mandate. Holocause survivors and historians likened it to the beginning of the Nazi regime. Those children who will likely never see their parents again. You have that on your shoulders.

I could go on about all of the awful, inhumane things you inflicted on so many people. I know you’d probably retort by pointing out the few accomplishments you achieved during your presidency. However, I don’t care to be lectured on the supposedly “good things” that you accidentally blundered into. I care about the things that you purposefully did to hurt the American people in order to feed your own self-interest.

You divided the American people so deeply.

You made every, single issue political, even ones that shouldn’t have been. Every person you referenced in your briefings and speeches you labeled as either democrat or republican. This drove the left further left and the right further right.  That is not what a president should do. A president should bring people together. That is the most basic, fundamental part of the job, and you didn’t even do that.

Many people show you compassion, blaming your bad decision making and behavior on a difficult childhood. But, you’re not a child anymore. The time came long ago for you to take responsibility for yourself and your actions. You chose not to do that and instead kept acting like a tantruming child. A difficult past is not an excuse. Being the president of America is like being a parent, and instead of teaching your children how to be functioning adults and how to deal with problems in a healthy way, you taught them lying, reactive behavior, and placing blame on others. Shame on you.

It is said that when you found out that you had won the presidency, you sat staring at the tv screen, frozen, in silence, for several minutes. Milania started crying. Kellyanne Conway had terror in her eyes. If that wasn’t a premonition for the years to come, I don’t know what is.

If there’s anything good about your presidency, it is the bigotry you uncovered. This is good because it is now out in the open and we can address the situation. You went around talking about how the U.S. is the best country in the world, but you proved how far our country has to go in relation to so many others.

However, the most ironic thing you did was make President Obama look like a hero.

He already was a hero to many of us, but now he’s sandwiched between George Bush, who did not earn himself a great reputation, and you, who gained the reputation as the worst president in American History. Because of you, Obama now looks like a saint. So, thank you for that. And now we get Joe Biden as our next president, a man who cares. He and Kamala Harris will do whatever it takes to clean up the gigantic mess that you left in the White House.

When the day comes that you are escorted out of the White House in handcuffs and placed in jail because of your tax evasion, treason regarding Russia, and countless other crimes, America will be watching. Maybe one day you will learn the capacity to take responsibility for your unforgivable actions, maybe not. But, your problems are not our problems anymore.

And, for that, we must be grateful.



Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

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