There seem to be many people in the U.S. who are unclear about the current events of their nation…

They are comparing the request that they get one of the Covid vaccines to life during Nazi Germany and the Holocaust.

In order to clear up the confusion that they are feeling over what exactly Nazi Germany and the Holocaust were like, I have come up with a questionnaire. This should be able to help you discern whether or not you are actually suffering through what people suffered through during that terrible time in history.

  1. Can you shop wherever you want as long as you adhere to the company’s policies?
  2. Are you allowed to peacefully protest based on your belief system?
  3. Have you had money or other property physically stolen from you by the government because you refuse to get vaccinated?
  4. Can you walk down the street without being murdered for your beliefs?
  5. Have you been forcibly segregated from society because of your beliefs?
  6. Is the government starving you to death by restricting the food you can buy and eat because of your beliefs? 
  7. Are you allowed to go to school regardless of your beliefs?
  8. Is the government kidnapping you in order to perform dangerous and cruel science experiments on you because of your beliefs? (No, being asked to get vaccinated does not count.)
  9. Are you living in hiding, i.e. your neighbor’s basement, because you’re afraid you’ll get murdered if you’re unvaccinated?
  10. Have you been forced by the government to display a badge on your clothes signifying your unvaccinated status?
  11. Are you being forced to live in “unvaccinated houses” or unvaccinated ghettos?
  12. Have you been deported because of your unvaccinated status?
  13. Has the government forced labor upon you as a result of your unvaccinated status?
  14. Have you been forced to kill other people as a result of your unvaccinated status?
  15. Have you been enslaved as a result of your unvaccinated status?
  16. Are you being tortured as a result of your unvaccinated status?
  17. Have you been shoved into a gas chamber as a result of your unvaccinated status?
  18. Do you fear walking down the street because someone might shove you in a cart and shuttle you to a concentration camp because of your unvaccinated status? 
  19. Has there been mass murder of people refusing to get vaccinated? (Other than the virus murdering people, of course.)
  20. Are there active concentration camps where you live? 
  21. Do you have to escape your country in order to live because of your beliefs?
  22. Are there soldiers marching down the street in order to carry out some sort of mass cleansing of those who refuse to get vaccinated?

If you responded yes to three or more of these questions, you may want to see a mental health professional, because you are having severe delusions.


Let’s put aside for the moment that 25% of Americans are choosing to ignore science and refuse to get the vaccine. That only 59% of the U.S. population has received at least one dose, despite the fact that it’s readily available for every American. The longer people refuse to get vaccinated, the more the virus will mutate, becoming increasingly more deadly. People with compromised immune systems for whom the vaccine may not work may not be able to leave their homes for the rest of their lives due to the selfishness of those refusing to get vaccinated.

Let’s look at some basic historical facts of what Nazi Germany was really like, since many people in our country obviously did not pay attention to high school history class:

Are you having some minor freedoms taken away? Probably. But, when your decisions start to put others in danger, that’s what is going to happen.

So, if you are still insisting that you live in Nazi Germany, you can kindly fuck off now.

Thanks for reading!


Photo by Anton on Unsplash

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