Alright, so, I really hope she reads this and knows how serious I am about every paragraph, sentence and word I write down.

Cassandra Vella.

Let’s have a quick flashback to good ol’ 2015. My junior year at the University of Arizona, Creative Writing major lil’ me. I was working for an online site at the time, getting some writing piece published on the Internet to have some sort of backbone for my writing pursuit.

Basically, this is how this site worked:

  1. Write a piece on pretty much any topic(submit idea for approval)
  2. Write on Google docs and wait for 3 editors to go in and clean up.

Easy- peasy. So, yeah, I did this, and, me being super prideful of my writing at this moment in life, I read EVERY comment/ correction from all of the different editors. Some of the editors I didn’t remember, but when I left that site and started my own blog, I really was needing an assistant/ editor. I remembered Cassandra! She was always so funny and nice and most importantly, extremely transparent! I respected that, and I reached out, and the rest is history! LOL

Cassandra, thanks so much for helping me every step of the way with everything- not just the blog! We’ve been working together so long but have never even met face to face, and FaceTime doesn’t count!

Your hard work is more than appreciated everyday. Thanks for being my friend and believing in this movement! We’ve had some rough communication at first, but who can blame this long distance working sitch?! You literally have my back and somehow understand everything my crazy mind spits out, and can put it together and make it work!

I can’t wait to finally meet you in person, somewhere cool, and give you the biggest THANK YOU hug because, without you, I honestly wouldn’t have reached my goal as quickly as I ever imagined!

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