We are drowning. Swept up in a deluge of information, good, bad, honesty, dishonesty, people, places, things, words, melodies, judgment,
Ever after... Even now, she lives broken.  She can’t shake the pained look behind her pale blue-green, sympathetic eyes. A
We have so many common expressions in the English language. It seems like there's an idiom for every situation. Have
Originally published on Sky’s Art Bucket I want to paint you a picture, based on first-person perspective.        Comparing myself
Originally published on Sky’s Art Bucket. It takes a lot of courage to be bold. Growing up, I was anything
Originally published on Sky’s Art Bucket          If you're a fellow creative you're bound to have more
Over the past few years, many people who kept their dark and crime-filled personal lives behind a flimsy curtain have
Originally published on Sky’s Art Bucket Almost as important as the art itself, if not the same par, is coming
Originally published on the beautiful Sky's Art Bucket. In the past, I was timid, quiet, easily overspoken. I gave an
The laws of attraction.  Manifestation.  Attaining insurmountable success from a positive attitude.  Receptivity.  Vision boards. Meditation. All of these buzzwords