I was recently inspired by something John Mayer said: “there will never be a great big world that agrees on
I always get ask the basic question of “why do I dance?” I dance because I have something to share,
Coffee. A smile. A facade from the disrespect. My eyelids bolted shut. Shutting out the past. Past tense. Before. Before
I am a college dropout. This was not the plan that my former schoolteacher parents laid out for me. According
When someone would ask me about my college plan, I never wanted to tell the truth because the truth was,
Ah, the Irish goodbye. In polite society it’s wrong, but I reject that notion. We, as a society, underestimate the
I will NEVER AGAIN date someone who already has a dog. I made that mistake once, and here’s what I
I spent four years of my life working in a place that many might call a paradise, but which I