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Almost as important as the art itself, if not the same par, is coming up with a title to describe your work. It can easily change the overall demeanor of a piece and instantly tie it together. Take, for instance, an original I recently purchased from Devon Steinke, pictured below:

     At first glance, it’s easy to see that eyes are the recurring theme of this abstract, but how they are portrayed is where it gets interesting. Not only are they placed rather randomly (or at least appear that way), creating a seemingly chaotic-looking endeavor, but the majority of them have irises looking upwards, almost as if the eyes are rolling back. Chaos is also embodied in the background, with bold colors and streaky lines to contrast an almost shadowlike, one-eyed looming figure (top left). Paint dripping from the irises fabricates a frustrated silence as well.

  What could one possibly title this piece?

Steinke brilliantly titled his artwork “The Doubt” and like being rushed by a wave, this painting– created with spray paint, acrylics, marker, and pen– took on a very personal meaning. 

      I find as an artist, I am my toughest critic, but I also can’t help but feel overwhelmed by the other eyes that view my work. I constantly wonder if my art is good enough, if my works appeal to anyone, and other such “doubts” that often leave me frustrated. 

It’s easier to bring yourself down than it is to bring yourself up. 

I bought this painting as a reminder that I’m not alone in those feelings, and to trust and believe in my work and to continue dreaming that one day my art will become my main source of income or at the very least able to touch hundreds of everyday hearts 💓😊. I hope to be an inspiration to my sons, to show them that if you are dedicated enough and willing enough, it can be done. Our dreams can be accomplished.

* * *

     Thank you Devon Steinke for creating this piece that related to me so much, and thank you for giving me permission to share it. If anyone would like to see more of his art, here’s his FB link: https://www.facebook.com/deveyessee/

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