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In the past, I was timid, quiet, easily overspoken.

I gave an air of maturity that I could claim, but that description no longer fits me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still meek, mature even, but what now lies underneath that veil also includes someone willing to change, to take courage, and speak up for herself and for the vulnerable mother that she is, that I am: unsure of where I should take my next steps in life as an independent woman, and to what direction I should travel in the journey to guiding my children. I want to communicate, connect, have fun and enjoy life to the fullest of my capabilities. I want to be unafraid, encouraged, and motivated. I want to be the best version of myself possible; making progress one day at a time.

                                    * * *

You might not suspect my timidness or my worries upon first greeting; I’m of Slovakian build with wide shoulders that make me appear intimidating and, paired with an overall thick build, I look like someone you don’t want to make angry. Perhaps this is true to some degree, but for the most part, my personality betrays my appearance.

I’ve learned to accept that I am my own kind of beautiful.

 I always hated the fact that I was different from the beautiful, thin shouldered, tiny waisted yet curvy girls, but I’ve learned to accept that I am my own kind of beautiful. On that note, I am more than a face, a build: I’m a mother, an artist, an inspiration, a friend, a sister, a daughter, a fiancee, a writer, a believer in humanity, pet lover, a supporter of dreams, and go-getter if the mood allows. It’s not just me, it’s everyone. Our stories vary small and wide; another face in the crowd isn’t just another face in the crowd. We are so much more than what we give off, than what we’ve been taught, or to what we keep hidden or refuse to believe of ourselves.

It was with these thoughts that the slogan of my brand materialized:

     “Despite our differences, we are all human. Our hearts are raw with love, emotion, support, and creativity and those intangible things are what make up our person. Be proud and remember, Feeling Is Being “

   With this slogan, I emit the following:

  • Differences don’t make us enemies
  • Against toxic- masculinity
  • Be true to oneself, not to the opinions of others
  • Creativity (release) is in our nature; we aren’t meant to be slaves to corporate business without freedom of expression to relieve us of its shackles

        I suppose the slogan is an ideal reality when embraced; perhaps that makes me an idealist– but to whatever you may disagree with, one thing remains true; we are all beings of this world, and we should all be respected as such. No one is lesser than the other, some are just simply misguided, but human and equal all the same.

    I hope you decide to be true to yourself yet accepting of others. Embrace your heart; your humanity. 

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