I always get ask the basic question of “why do I dance?”

I dance because I have something to share, not to prove to anyone that I have skills or I can point my feet.

I dance with my emotions on my sleeve because I want to bring everyone into the world I’m in when I’m performing.

I want to hypnotize the audience with the pure movement my body creates, and for just a second, take you out of this disrespectful society, to let you feel what pure honesty feels like. The movement that comes out of an artist’s body comes from whatever they’re feeling in their heart.

Why does it always have to be about what’s on your resume or who you’ve danced for that defines your artistry? Why can’t you just be a dope honest dancer that doesn’t come with a baggage full of vanity.

I used to say I wanted to be famous. Now, I want to be an artist, because I realized fame is fake. Kim K is “famous” for showing what’s supposed to be her “holy temple” to the world, which is what made her famous.

This society is fake because the people in it care too much about what others think about them, so they conform to society and become fake, just to fit in.

As an artist, you don’t have to fit in, your work is unique, it’s actually better to be different.

My job as an artist is to convey my story to the audience through movement.

Art is honest, dance is pure, and an artist’s heart never lies.

I want to share my passion, not my talent.

People ask as an artist, why I’m so hard on myself. For me, it’s because I promised my parents I would make them proud. I owe everything to my parents because they’ve made me the artist I am today.

I want them to know that they made the right decision to invest in their child’s dreams, because it was more than a hobby.

I want to show to the people in my hometown that partying in high school was not what it was about.

Have you know, I wasn’t really well known in my high school because I didn’t do what was considered “cool”.

I kept to myself because I was so focused on the promise I made.

I was passionate about becoming an artist and that was cool to me.

In high school I felt like I couldn’t prove myself academically.

I was known as that chick Madison that dances.

Dance in society, is putting on a tutu and spinning in a circle.

That goes to show you how fake society is.

They put this false image on everything.

I am not the false advertisement that society makes dancers out to be.

I am Madison Nance and I am an artist.

I dance because this society needs more of an honest influence and thats why their needs to be genuine, honest, artists in this horrid society.


Photo by Chema Photo on Unsplash

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