Traveling has always been one of my most favorite things to do. I’ve traveled to many places. North Carolina, New York, Tennessee, the Bahamas, Mexico, and many others.

While traveling, I have gained new experiences and the chance to learn about different cultures. I love understanding the way different societies work in other places. I couldn’t choose just one place that has taught me lessons about life because all the places that I’ve been to have impacted me. For example, when I stayed at Atlantis Bahamas I discovered how unaware people from other countries can be when it comes to having a disability. They are not familiar with Cerebral Palsy. Instead, they automatically assume I am the victim of some sort of accident.

Although the people were very nice and humble when I visited the island, I learned that it doesn’t matter if you have a disability or not. People gravitate towards you no matter where you go.

North Carolina

One of my favorite places to visit is Asheville, North Carolina. I love visiting my Uncle David and eating free subs at his Firehouse Subs. I have so many happy memories there. lThe smell of pine trees, the firewood burning in the fireplace, the live country music, Chimney Rock….

North Carolina taught me that, although I’m handicapped, I can still see the beauty in every place that I get the chance to visit.

Theme Park Traveling with a Disability

A place that I have traveled to many times over my years living in Florida is Island of Adventure at Universal Studios. Going to the theme parks for many years has taught me that I was able to conquer anything that comes my way.

I was able to ride roller coasters without having to worry about my disability or the challenges that I would normally face. Islands of Adventure has always been connected to many important milestones in my life.

For example, when I was in middle school my mom decided to send me on a school trip there. It was the first time I ever travelled without her. I finally felt what it was like to be independent without my mother.

When I was a senior in high school, I got to ride my first roller coaster without my mom’s assistance: The Forbidden Journey in Harry Potter World. I felt like I wasn’t trapped in my body for just a few seconds. I will never forget that feeling.

To some people, it may not seem like a big deal. But, for me, it was. It showed me that maybe one day I will be able to on my own and live an independent life. That is something I want.


I guess you could say each place I traveled to has taught me a lesson about my disability, cerebral palsy. I’ve learned to embrace life despite the obstacles.

Like I always say, no matter how hard it gets, keep on stomping.

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