A few years ago, we published our first article about unsolved mysteries. Since then, we’ve collected even more creepy mysteries from around the world that remain unsolved!

Flannan Isles Lighthouse

Eilean Moor is one of the Flannan Islets off the coast of northwestern Scotland. Like most of the mainland, this island has a reputation of a sort of mystical aura, a feeling of the paranormal. No humans lived there; only sheep. Superstitions are adopted by even the biggest skeptics after setting food on the shore. It is even referred to as “the other country” by mainland residents. There is a lighthouse that resides on this small island. In 1900 a boat called the Hesperas had set sail for Eilean Moor.

After being delayed by bad weather, they arrived at the island. However, they noticed peculiarities. No arrangements had been made to welcome their arrival, nobody greeted them, and the flagstaff was abandoned. It seemed that all three keepers they had been expecting had disappeared. When the captain of the ship trepidatiously entered the lighthouse, he found that full plates of food adorned the kitchen table, with one chair that had been overturned. The clock was stopped and the lamp had been prepared to be lit, and only two of the three coats belonging to the three keepers were missing. The oddity of one of the keepers having left without his coat, the fact that all three had left without warning, and the other curiosities pointed to very mysterious circumstances. Had something driven them out?

The logbook kept by one of the keepers described one of the keepers had gone silent, another one had been crying, and, “severe winds the likes of which I have never seen before in twenty years”. Further descriptions of severe storms continued, although there were no reported storms from anywhere else in the area. The last report made in the logbook read, “storm ended, sea calm. God is over all”. There were many speculations made, but the lack of any evidence keeps this disappearance shrouded in mysteries.


Havana Syndrome

In late 2016, U.S. and Canadian diplomats in Cuba began experiencing puzzling and debilitating symptoms. They felt sick, anxious, dizzy, headaches, fatigue, memory loss, and what they termed “cognitive fog”. They all blamed it on a strange, high-pitched sound they heard, which led them to believe that they were the targets of some sort of sonic attack. Since then, evacuations of U.S. and Canadian diplomats in China, Serbia, and Austria, among other countries, have been carried out, due to mysteries of Havana Syndrome. A medical assessment of 40 victims even showed mild brain damage caused by this mysterious noise. Many theories have been posed as to what causes Havana Syndrome, including some sort of microwave frequency, radio waves, and “directed energy” being developed as a weapon. However, nothing has been confirmed or proven, and nobody knows when this ominous noise will strike next. 


Bay of Jars, Brazil

In 1976, some lobster divers were exploring in Guanabara bay, a body of water off Rio de Janeiro. About 15 miles offshore, they discovered a large are filled with ancient Roman jars called amphorae. These jars were used by ancient Romans, Greeks, and Phoenicians to transport oil, water, wine, grains, and other goods. The area filled with these relics ended up being about 21,600 square feet, and the jars are estimated to date back to 1500 AD. Archaeologist Robert Marx recovered these jars encased in coral and encrusted with barnacles, covered in grime and gunk, but most ended up, surprisingly, intact. These jars remain an anomaly and a mystery. Many historians suspect that there also may be a shipwreck close by, but the Brazilian government has since banned exploration in that area.


The Pollack Sisters

In 1957, 11-year-old Joanna Pollack, her 6-year-old sister Jacqueline, and their friend were hit by a car and killed. Less than one year later, Joanna and Jacqueline’s parents had twins, Gillian and Jennifer. Soon, odd similarities to their deceased sisters started to emerge. Gillian automatically collected Joanna’s toys, while Jennifer took Jacqueline’s. Joanna had similar interests to Gillian, such as dressing up in costumes and performing in plays; Jennifer automatically took a maternal role in their relationship, as Joanna had. The deceased sisters had mostly been raised by their grandmother, and, though their mother no longer worked and spent her time as a stay-at-home mom, the twins automatically gravitated towards their grandmother.

Their parents noticed that Jennifer had two marks – one birthmark on her waist and one over her eye, identical to Jacqueline’s.

One day, Gillian pointed to Jennifer’s mark on her forehead and said, “that is the mark Jennifer got when she fell on a bucket”. No, Jennifer had not gotten that mark from falling on a bucket, but Jacqueline had. Although the twins were raised in a different town from where their deceased sisters had been raised, they instinctively knew their way around the former town at the age of three or four. Their mother used to wear a smock when she worked, but since having the twins, she had stopped working, so the twins had never seen it before. However, when Jennifer saw her father wearing the smock, she asked him, “why are you wearing mummy’s coat?”

The twins were instinctively terrified of cars, even one day clinging to each other at the sound of a car engine, screaming, “the car! It’s coming for us!” Not long after, Gillian had Jennifer’s head in her lap. She was heard by her father saying, “The blood’s coming out of your eyes. That’s where the car hit you”. When Jacqueline had been hit by the car, she had sustained injuries just above her eyes. The mysteries of the Pollack Sisters have converted many non-believers into believers of reincarnation.


Lawrence Joseph Bader

During a storm on Lake Erie in 1957, Lawrence Joseph Bader disappeared while fishing. A few days later, his rented boat was found, washed up on shore. He was pronounced dead, leaving behind a wife, children, and other family. Eight years later, Suzanne Peika was called by a man from Akron, Ohio. He urgently requested she appear at a sporting event. When she got there, she was shown to a man who was the spitting image of Larence Joseph Bader. She was shocked at the sight of her supposedly deceased uncle. When she asked him if he was her Uncle Larry, he chuckled and told her that his name was John Johnson. He was nobody’s uncle, a sports director for a local TV station in Omaha, Nebraska.

Peika was not convinced. She called both of her brothers, who arrived in Akron to confront Johnson. After some persuading, he agreed to depart with them to the local police station. The police said they’d have Bader’s fingerprints on file from his time in the navy. The next day, they received a shocking phone call from the police: the fingerprints matched. Somehow, Bader had ended up in Omaha, Nebraska with a new family, a new occupation, and a completely new set of memories of his entire life. The mysteries of what really happened to him will forever remain untold.


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