Science is a remarkable thing.

Its evolution has brought to light many of nature’s biggest conundrums. However, there are some mysteries that have yet to be solved. So, today, on the 3rd day of Halloweek, I’ll tell the tales of some of the world’s most baffling unsolved mysteries.

Feet Washing Up on Shore

The Pacific Northwest- from Washington to Vancouver, to be exact- has a very strange history of severed feet in shoes washing up on shore. It has almost become a routine phenomenon because it occurs so frequently. All of the feet have been in outdoor shoes- either tennis shoes or hiking boots- and almost all the feet are the right foot.

There’s no concrete explanation for these appendages making their appearance. Scientists have identified some of the feet to people who have gone missing, but there is only speculation as to what has occured. They say that it’s not foul play and it probably has a perfectly mundane reason, but my question is, why only feet? Where are the rest of the bodies? The feet remain unsolved mysteries.

Overtoun Bridge

Overtoun Bridge in Scotland is one of the world’s most tragic unsolved mysteries. It is also known as the dog suicide bridge. When dogs walk on this bridge, they get to the same exact spot and then turn and jump into the rushing water below. If they survive and are given the opportunity, they run back up on the bridge and jump off again. Over 50 dogs have died in 50 years, and another 600 dogs have jumped, but survived. Some humans have reported the sensation of someone jabbing them in the back, while others have experienced strange and ominous feelings on the bridge.

A husband and wife were walking along the bridge with their infant child. When the got to the spot where the dogs jump off, the man claimed he was anti-Christ, and threw his infant son over the bridge. He tried to jump off after, but his wife restrained him. He was taken to court, and ended up pleading insanity. Take heed and exercise caution if you decide to visit this infamous bridge.

Scientists have come up with different theories as to why dogs do this – a specific smell, the weather – but they’ve never had any concrete conclusions. It always goes back to something supernatural, usually to do with an evil entity. Although, some believe what the ancient Celts believe: that the veil between our world and the spirit world is thin on that bridge.

Goo Falling From the Sky

On August 7th, 1994 at 3am in Oakville Washington, it began to rain. Residents were not fazed by the rain, since rainfall is common in the area. One resident was driving and tried to use his windshield wipers. He realized immediately that this was not ordinary rain. His windshield wipers smeared it all over his windshield, revealing this drops to be clear, gelatinous goo falling from the sky.

Everyone in the area soon realized what was happening. This goo fell on and off for two weeks. Residents, including animals, who came in contact with the goo experienced flu-like symptoms for several weeks, and some animals even died. A woman finally sent a sample of the goo into a lab for testing. They discovered that it was composed of human white blood cells. The reason why the goo fell from the sky remains unsolved to this day.

Ourang Medan Ghost Ship

In February of 1948, a Dutch ship sent out an SOS call that was received by several other ships off the coast of Malaysia. The morse code message conveyed a terrified cry for help. The message started out by saying,

All officers including captain are dead, lying in chartroom and bridge. Possible whole crew dead.

This was followed by indecipherable code, except for the very last part of the message, which read,

“I die.”

Then, silence.

An American merchant ship went to the find the vessel that had sent out the distress call. They arrived at the ship. Nobody was sure what they would find. Pirates? Some sort of catastrophe? A hoax?

The rescue vessel tried to make contact with people aboard the ship, but got no response. So, they boarded the ship, and found that the SOS call was not an exaggeration; every single living soul on the ship, including the pet dog, was dead. Their bodies were frozen in various acts of trying to fight off the attackers; their faces were contorted into looks of horror and anguish. The captain was found in his cabin, pen in hand. The communications officer still had his hands on the telegraph. Everyone had the same expression on their face.

The strangest thing? There was no evidence of injury or foul play, despite the looks of pain on the crew’s faces. The American crew said that they felt a strange, icy chill as they walked onto the Ourang Medan. The American ship tethered the Ourang Medan to their ship and tried to tow it back to land. They hadn’t gotten very far when black smoke came billowing out of the ship, and then it exploded with such force that it lifted itself off the water to hang in midair for a split second, and then it sank without a trace. This ghost ship remains one of the great unsolved mysteries.

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