A smile.

A facade from the disrespect.

My eyelids bolted shut.

Shutting out the past.

Past tense.


Before you left, the smile was real.

Warned to leave him.

My eyes blanketed with the facade of his attention, I didn’t listen.

I couldn’t listen.

I became deaf from only hearing the overthinking.

My distraction came from the concrete assumptions which came from my thoughts which started with me overthinking.

Which became a disturbance for my organs cause I ended up drinking.

Drinking and eating the advice my friends gave me.

Ended up choking on words of reality.

Couldn’t grasp it, it made no sense to me.

My upset, empty stomach was starving for your love.

Bottomless stomach became my empty heart, you let me go like a dove.

Free will, freedom that became carelessness towards my pain.

My empty heart fueled your empty brain.

You’re lucky I at least have a heart, I could make your life hell, but I have to restrain.

Taking everything in me to choke back the anger that remains.

I’ll just order you a fat cup of fuck off, and hope you burn your tongue on it.

So you can see how disrespect tastes, and choke on it.

I’m done with you treating me like an arcade.

Inserting your coin when you wanna play, saying next, I’m bored, when your attention starts to fade.

I don’t need you.

You used to be my cup of tea…

But now, I need coffee.


Photo by Jessica Lewis on Unsplash

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