As an individual that is recovering from lifelong depression and chronic pain, I use journaling to cope with things I find challenging in my life. Here’s how it can help you to cope with everything going on in your life as well.

Journaling is a great way to have that special, dreamy friend.

But, that friend is your notebook, diary or journal. Whatever, you like to call it, it is your companion.

To journal, you don’t need a teacher or need to know any special writing technique.

You just write whatever comes through your mind, simple as that.

This is your special uncensored place to feel your truth.

Do not worry about what someone may feel or say ,grammar, etc. 

I have hundreds of diaries or journals.

Sometimes, I write for days; sometimes not at all for weeks or months. And, guess what? That is okay. Writing is like talking to God (for those who are spiritual). 

Journaling is totally therapeutic.

Sometimes I read what I write. Sometimes, I don’t.

Journaling is healing.

It’s a de-stressor for the brain, and helps release your brain from thoughts you would normally try to force yourself to remember.

I carry a notebook or journal with a smooth writing pen everywhere I go.

I have one in my bed
I have one in the bathroom
I have one in the kitchen
I have one on my table
I carry one in my backpack or bag
I do it to take care of my brain that I often overly-use.

I do this so I don’t forget, and try to force myself to remember things I know for certain I would normally forget. 

Also, I don’t always fill up every journal.

I don’t complete certain journals because I feel that particular phase or moment has ended, and that’s all I needed to say.

Honestly, I used to feel obligated to complete a journal.

No! If you feel you are done and would like to close that chapter within that journal, feel free to do so, no pressure.

Let’s all start using journaling to heal together!

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