Everyone - everyone - thinks that they know better than you. That’s a fact. I always seem to find myself
Written by Skylan Abraham of www.skysartbucket.com Click here to read part one: Living with Postpartum Depression Battling the war known
When I was in third grade, my mom came to my class one day to help out with a project.
Written by Skylan Abraham of www.skysartbucket.com. Starting at the tender age of 19, I’ve birthed three beautiful boys in the
We are drowning. Swept up in a deluge of information, good, bad, honesty, dishonesty, people, places, things, words, melodies, judgment,
Originally published on Sky’s Art Bucket I want to paint you a picture, based on first-person perspective.        Comparing myself
Originally published on the beautiful Sky's Art Bucket. In the past, I was timid, quiet, easily overspoken. I gave an
The laws of attraction.  Manifestation.  Attaining insurmountable success from a positive attitude.  Receptivity.  Vision boards. Meditation. All of these buzzwords
About a month before my eleventh birthday, my parents took me and my brother to Yellowstone National Park. The first
If I re-introduce myself to you after we’ve already met, please don’t be offended. When I was 5, my mom