“We have to go now” he said, checking over his shoulder for what felt like the millionth time.

They used to be safe in that car; it was their haven. Anything goes in that car, simultaneously secluded and out in the wide open. But this… this time it felt different, it felt like this might be the morning they got caught. He knew he shouldn’t have parked so close to her work but he couldn’t help it. The drive to see her pulled at his heart making him a puppet to his feeling that it had gone too far, they would surely get caught, but he didn’t care.

He had been seeing her now every morning for around a month. She’d get to her office early, set  the kettle on and make two cups of tea. She’d hang onto her phone for the text saying he was outside, then she’d go down with tea in hand just to sit in the car with him. Just to be with him, in his arms and on his lips for a matter of minutes before they went their separate ways for the day. It never felt wrong, but they both knew it was on so many levels.

They never intended it to be that way.

It happened so fast, but he was falling for her, falling hard. He tried to fight the urge knowing he had a wife at home, but he was powerless. The butterflies in his stomach and the dryness in his throat knowing he would see her controlled his every action. Usually confident in his skin, he was surprised that seeing her made him feel weak-vulnerable. He was in love with her. He knew very quickly there was no trying with the wife. But he couldn’t bring himself to end it with her either. Not until he knew he wasn’t throwing his life away for nothing.

Running away together for a little break had been discussed in brief in one of their many mornings in the back seat of the car. Gazing out the window in a daydream they talked about a small cottage somewhere, with a lake out the back where he could fish. A small veranda and a swinging chair where she could sit and write. But it never materialised past the daydream, until this morning.

“We could be there by lunch,” he said, his husky voice shrouded in temptation.

“But what about… her?” She asked trying to hide the wrenching disappointment at the fact he was taken.

“I’ve told her already I’m going on a business trip, it’ll be a long weekend…I have a bag in the boot ready to go, and things in there for you, too,”

“What do I tell my boss?” She asked feeling her stomach flip with excitement and fear.

He inched closer to her, close enough so she could feel his breath in her ear. It sent a tingle down her spine. It was electric.

“Anything, make something up,” he breathed.

She let out a sharp intake of breath and an involuntary groan as she melted into his arms. She didn’t trust herself to answer so she just nodded.

“But if we’re going to go, we have to go now.”

Eyeing her for a flicker of agreement, he leaned over her and strapped her into the car.

She took a deep breath of him as he did. Hugo Boss original and testosterone filled made her weak, and he knew it. Smiling to himself and knowing what he was doing to her he pulled away and the car roared to life.

Just as they were pulling away a red car pulled past them into the car park-it was her car. His wife and she knew. She span round as quickly as she’d got past them, she wasn’t letting him get away with it. Not again, so she followed!


Photo by Robin Vet on Unsplash

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