Dear Sydney,

When I moved to Galveston, Texas at seventeen, away from many of the childhood friends I had made, I thought I had come to realize what most only discover after high school graduation: sometimes friends from school are just- and only will be- that. That, if you aren’t “forced” to hang out everyday, or within walking distance from each other, your friendship can fizzle out, until all you do is post an obligatory “Happy Birthday” on their Facebook every year. It’s sad, but, for the most part, you grow to make new friends along the way, or wherever you end up. However, in my case, I lucked out with not only keeping a friend from back home (shout out to Dallas, Tx), but someone who I honestly consider to be a family member. So, I want to say thank you to my friend Sydney, who has not only stayed my friend since middle school, but has also been a source of inspiration.

Sydney, you’ve been someone who’s given me advice when it came to my past boyfriends (and letting me make my own mistakes with each of them), hear me out when I boarded the Meltdown Express about applying to college, and even giving me a place to crash when I needed it. You’ve very much been the best friend anyone could ask for, and I could probably never thank you enough. We even share the same name!

However, out of all the moments you helped me, the most profound one was probably when I found out I wasn’t going to be able to go to college this fall. When I say my entire life sort of when up in smoke around me, I’m only slightly exaggerating; I didn’t have any idea what I was going to do, or how I was going to move forward (lesson learned: Never get rid of your backup plans). So, in true ‘m’e fashion, I went on a road trip.

Even though, when I finally got to Austin (passing up detours? Not me.) we spent the entire night just walking around the downtown area. Spending time with you and not having to worry for a few moments really helped. The fact that we spent the time, like we picked right up where we left off last time we hung out in person, was needed. And YOU were the reason why I decided I was going to go to community college, instead of having a year long pity party and trying again next fall.

So, turns out it wasn’t till eighteen when I realized what many take years to discover: sometimes friends from school are- and will always be- friends worth a lifetime. Someone who will always have your back and able to pick up right where you left, off even after a month of silence (I’ll be texting you right after I finish writing this, promise!). It’s something that I cherish, and, yeah, I’ll make new friends along the way, wherever I end up. But none of them will have helped me the way you have. And I’m so thankful for you.


Sydney D

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