Some backstory for you, in case you don’t already know: I’m an actor.

In September of 2017, I started reading one play a week. I decided to do this because I want to be as educated and cultured as I can be in my career. I’m happy to say that not only have I followed through with that resolution, but it has become an unshakeable part of my routine. I love it. It has opened my eyes so much more than I ever anticipated. It has inspired me to write more, how to write effective characters and storylines, and to work harder at acting in order to honor these incredible characters. I can’t get to sleep at night now without reading at least a few pages of a play. In fact…

I love it so much that I’d like to share this with all of you!

Photo by Peter Lewicki on Unsplash

I will be writing one article a week about whatever play I happen to be reading. Hopefully this will be a good and fun resource for other actors, fellow bookworms, or people who are just interested in theatre (yes, I spell ‘theatre’ the pretentious way.)

Some of my most favorite playwrights are Tennessee Williams, Arthur Miller, William Mastrosimone, Moss Hart, Neil Simon, and good ‘ole Billy Shakespeare (duh.) You may notice a timeline theme – most of my favorite playwrights had their heydays in the same era. I love the ‘20s through the ‘70s.

I want to hear your thoughts on plays as well! Do you have a favorite play? A favorite playwright? If you ever have any requests or suggestions of plays for me to read, please let me know in the comments!

I have a feeling that this is going to be very fun!

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  1. I’ve had to start to read Shakespeare’s plays to help my daughter revise for her A Levels. I haven’t read plays since I was at high school! I have a taste for it now though so I’ll be following your posts closely for some inspiration! 🙂


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