It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  Magic is in the air!

The joyful Christmas season is here and I’m dreaming of an old-fashioned Christmas.

There are so many reasons that Christmas is the happiest season of the year. It is a time to connect with family and friends; a time to enjoy elaborate tables of holiday goodies and a time to remember that Christmas is a celebration of the birthday of Jesus.

Like many of you, my Christmas spirit soars as soon as the last plate of Thanksgiving has been washed.  My Daddy was always ready to grab his axe, and off to the woods we would head to chop down the best Christmas tree we could find. Oh, the excitement of adding lights, then the thrill of unboxing ornaments from years gone by. Memories flood my mind as each one is carefully placed upon the tree.

The most special part of our tree was the village that was under the tree.  

My Daddy spent 10 years or so handcrafting a ceramic village, which included a church, bank, stores, a post office, many homes and numerous other pieces along with a nativity scene. It was a total of approximately 55 pieces and was quite a showpiece. Now, my sister and I share the village pieces to place under our own trees.

Tonight, I’m baking white chocolate chip cookies and admiring my tree all aglow with tiny white lights and beautiful Lenox ornaments. My Mom always inspired me by telling me that my tree was as lovely as any department store tree.

We have tickets to see “Miracle on 34th Street” at the theatre this year.

Christmas shows, band concerts with the grandchildren, parties with co-workers and neighbors…. there are so many exciting events to attend. I love dressing up for all of these occasions.

Photo by Matthews Playhouse of Performing Arts

The more casual outings are visiting dazzling light displays within driving distance and even a couple of live manger scenes. My hearts wells with joy at each stop.

Next up is a visit to Santa Claus and, of course, photos with him in the sleigh.

Watching the little boys and girls as they wait to sit on Santa’s lap is heart-warming.  What will they find in their stockings on Christmas morning? Will their Christmas wishes come true?

Shopping has to be one of my favorite holiday activities.  

I love choosing a most special gift for each person on my list. Even though I search for gifts throughout the year, there is a certain thrill of being in the hustle and bustle of the stores and taking in the beauty of the decorated trees, garlands and wreaths. Christmas music and carols play, and it adds a little skip to my step.

Wrapping packages is an art form to me.

I adore beautiful packages and go to great lengths to find the perfect paper, the perfect bow and absolutely the perfect tag.  All my wrapped gifts are carefully coordinated to make a splashing display.

Even though Christmas cards are becoming a thing of the past, I do love opening my mailbox and finding cards from loved ones, especially the ones with a family photo.

Christmas Eve is the most peaceful night of the year. Candlelight services offer a calm that you can only experience by knowing the true meaning of Christmas.  In the morning, our home will be topsy turvy as the kids squeal over their treasures from Santa, wrapping paper and bows will cover the floor as everyone admires gifts from loved ones and the buffet of food overflows. But for tonight…..

All is calm; all is bright. Let there be PEACE on earth tonight!

MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and those you love!


Photo by Tessa Rampersad on Unsplash

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