You didn’t gain it all in one day; you won’t lose it all in one day! This has been my mantra through 2018, and will continue to be through 2019.

I decided to begin to transform with weight loss and eating well in July of 2018 and haven’t looked back since. It started with little changes. Cutting out soda and working out after work. Then moving on to BIG changes. I started eating Keto and waking up at 4:45 Monday-Friday to workout at 5 A.M.

Weight came off steadily at first; 2-3lbs a week for a couple months. Then, the dreaded STALL! Then, the creeping thought of “its all not working. I’ll just give up!” Then my mantra “YOU DIDN’T GAIN IT ALL IN ONE DAY; YOU WON’T LOSE IT ALL IN ONE DAY!” So, on I pressed, and wouldn’t you know it; it started coming off again! Here I am, 5 months later 30lbs gone. Is it good? Yes! Could it be better?! Absolutely, but those holidays snuck up on me and you have to treat yourself once in a while right?!

I’ve transformed, not only physically, but mentally over the past 5 months. Mentally, in the past, those holiday treats would have made me feel guilty and pulled me out of my mindset, and I’d completely give up. Now, I have those treats and move on and continue on my journey. For me, this mental transformation has been the BIGGEST and the BEST! It has helped me continue to stay on track and make small attainable goals to stay in the right mindset, even when I inevitably have those bad days. Which leads me to my biggest tip: make small attainable goals rather than GIANT overwhelming goals!

Of course I have one overall goal to lose 80lbs. If I set out to just lose 80lbs and that’s it, it would  be entirely too overwhelming, seemingly take forever, end up becoming a burden, and I’d give up. Short-term goals have helped me SO much!

They were:

  • 10 toe push-ups (accomplished)
  • Lose 10 lbs (accomplished, plus some)
  • Do 1 unassisted pull-up (work in progress)
  • Run 1 mile non-stop (accomplished)

Once you crush those goals, you make NEW goals.

Next on my goal list is:

  • 20 toe push-ups
  • Lose 20lbs
  • Run a mile in 10 minutes (I’m already so close!)
  • Incorporate more veggies into my diet.

2019 will continue to be the year of new goals and a new transformation!

Transformation is something that will continue throughout my whole life. Once I make it to my one big goal I will set new goals of toning, endurance, and strength! I have found a love for health and fitness throughout this year that I hope to help others find this upcoming year and years to come! Let’s make 2019 the year of goals! Make all kinds of goals! Fitness, travel, business, school, work, all kinds! Make them, crush them, make new ones, repeat!

Remember: you didn’t gain it all in one day and you won’t lose it all in one day!

   -Krista Mead




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