…being YOU!! Welcome to November! In August of 2018, Words Between Coasts was founded by us, Andrea and Lexi, two cousins who live on opposite coasts. We love to write and create. We wanted to build a community that celebrated activism through art and conversation. Often, when we hear of activism, it’s associated with politics. There is so much more to being an activist and we wanted to create a space to foster that passion. Both of us started with writing for other online magazines, which sparked our fervor to establish our own space encouraging people to exchange ideas and stories that matter most to them.

Words Between Coasts originated as a passion project. Within the first month, we realized it can be so much more than that. Looking forward, we have so many exciting announcements, projects, collaborations and content in the works.

Our newest project is our biggest yet- we are dedicating the month of November to gratitude with a series we’re calling “Thank You For”. This is a very important project. To us at Words Between Coasts, gratitude is one of the greatest gifts that we as human beings have. We want to help people utilize and spread this gift. This November we are featuring several guest writers who are contributing their stories of gratitude that they need to share with the world.

Why Gratitude Matters

This is hard and scary for some people. It can send your heart pounding to put yourself out there and make yourself vulnerable in order to touch the people you love. But, that is exactly why we are doing this. We want to spark a revolution and show everyone just how powerful it is to show gratitude. It’s an experience unlike any other to be on the receiving end of gratitude, to be told “thank you”, for having touched someone, no matter how small the deed may have seemed. It’s even more transformative for the person giving the thanks, because that person is making a declaration of pure, egoless love.

Gratitude is an act that can change the world.

There is no ‘small act of kindness’. You have no idea how you may have touched someone’s life, and we want to help uncover it through our “Thank You For” project.

We have some very special pieces coming up for this November. Trust us- you don’t want to miss this. It is raw, transformative, and beautifully honest.

We want to be a resource for everyone. We are here for you if you have anything burning in your heart and soul that you want to say. Our site is divided into five sections: Activism, Wellness, Gratitude, Humor and Just for Fun. We actively encourage any writers who feel like they have a story that aligns with our message to reach out to us.

We are always looking for contributing writers! If you’d like to connect with us, you can use our contact us page, or any of our social media accounts.

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