A famous person once said “if you don’t know how to start or introduce yourself, maybe use a quote, it will get easier from there.”

“Reality continues to ruin my life.”

― Bill Watterson, The Complete Calvin and Hobbes

Just about right.

My name is Mridu and I constantly am trying to outdo reality with my ardent love for stories. Books, films, television, illustrations, art, photography; anything to do with storytelling; anything that helps you envision and live a little more (because, really, reality bites).

I have been a romantic for as long as I remember, with an idealistic view of the world and belief that the world can change with stories, because of the power that stories have to release us. From the prison of ourselves, of our mind and our body, to broaden our perspective, and to let us break out of our default viewpoints, nothing in the world other than stories can do that; a reason enough for what I now call Storypals, my utopia.

Today is National Author’s day; day to celebrate and  support the authors we love and the stories we have lived in. Here I am, sharing a curated list that I made of books in no specific order, genre or type, but, rather, just love for the stories or the characters portrayed. I hope you pick a few, or even one, of them, and can maybe come talk about it with me.

Please note: The list doesn’t include classics or popular books, because what would be the fun of that?

The Little Prince By Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


A story that will teach you a lot more about life & love. With every read, you will have a different experience, a new learning and something new to take away. This book talks about the importance of companionship and living for others, with love as the central theme. The little prince should be read by everyone and when that happens, the world will be definitely a better place. You can know more about the book here: https://bit.ly/2OCal2G

A Monster Calls By Patrick Ness


Wow! Great read!

My daughter almost forced me to read this book. First couple of chapters needed effort but then as I got the hang of it. I just couldn’t leave it.  And then I cried.”

My dad’s review for the book.

That review was a subtle shout for you to read to read this book no matter what.

I think, I have been shoving in everybody’s faces until I know for sure they have read it.

Everybody has and they all have good things to say and all of them did cry. It deserves the love and I want to give it all I can. It is a book about truth. You can know more about the book here.

We Are Okay By Nina LaCour

We are okay.

We are okay.

How many times do we actually say it to ourselves? How many times do we actually feel we are okay? I want to talk about this book and yet when someone asks me about it I just smile. But, this book won’t make you smile but rather make you cry, it will make you sad but then it will also understand you, understand you in a way when you are feeling cold, someone covers you with a blanket, gives you a warm hug and tell you it is going to be okay.

“I was okay just a moment ago. I will learn how to be okay again.” – Nina LaCour, We are okay

I picked this book up for all the different reasons. I had lost my grandfather last year and

I had been a mess, I didn’t know how and what to do, how to make the grief go away, how to be okay and I got my hands on this book, I thought maybe this would help?

It did help. The story, the writing helped me when my own self was quite destructive. It helped me to understand my feelings, to acknowledge them, and to know I am not alone.That says a lot about the book.You can know more about the book here.

You see how stories help you? Love you even in your most vulnerable of times? They dust of the pain, help you up and stay with you forever.

Devotion of Suspect X By Keigo Higashino

My copy of this book is the most worn out copy I have of all the books I own. Also, I never did own a copy of this book. Someone left the copy to me and I can’t thank that person enough.  The fact that you know what has happened, and yet you don’t know anything. I think that is brilliant. The book kept me on the edge of my seat and I just couldn’t stop reading, truly, honestly the days when I forgot how to sleep because I HAD TO HAVE ANSWERS. Also, I wish to never love anybody like that, or vice a versa. You can know more about the book here. 

The Reason You’re Alive By Matthew Quick

I really can’t put in words the experience of reading this book. All you need to know is– It is a hell of a journey and you are going to smile through it. Also, You will never ever meet a man as charming as David Granger.

P.S. You need to pick up any book by Matthew Quick (Author of this book and widely known for The Silver Linings Playbook)You can know more about the book here.

Children of Blood and Bone By Tomi Adeyemi

What hasn’t been said about this book I need to add? It’s one those book(s) which wasn’t even published, yet was picked for film. It’s got magic. It’s got murder. It’s got adventure. It’s one of those books which might give Harry Potter a competition. Yes. It’s that good. You can know more about the book here.

Illuminae Series By Amie Kauffman and Jay Kristoff


Note: You have to give this book a 100 pages and the book will give you a lifetime of joy, happiness, confusion, 9 different types of emotion and what not.

Not only is the physical book  unique, but the audiobook is at par. Yes, I have read the book, and then heard the audiobook, and then re-read the book again.

I just couldn’t get over it. I still am not.. You can know more about the book here.

Eleanor and Park By Rainbow Rowell


Rainbow Rowell has the power to write stories that stay with you and melt your heart like chocolate, and Eleanor and Park is my epic love story.

The story is so innocent, pure and sweet. That first love, those cutesy moments, the holding of hands, AAAAH. That relationship. What makes this book even better is that it is not just a love story, but definitely deals with some serious topics such as abuse. Note to self: Maybe one day I will be a Park to my future Eleanor. You can know more about the book here.

The Female of the Species By Mindy McGinnis

First chapter, and you are sucked in. I think even the description of this book would do. This book should have reached and been read by a lot more people. It makes obvious the understanding that we lack today. It effortlessly slides in the topics about moral questions, comments on rape culture, and how disgusting our society is, and how pathetic we are towards it. Put forward with complex characters with so much depth. We need more books like this. I cried at the end. I couldn’t stop.You can know more about the book here.

I feel a lot of the books have made me cry and I am only recommending you the cry worthy books– but trust me guys, they are more than just that.

The Night Circus By Erin Morgenstern


There, again; one of those books that you actually have to read to experience by yourself rather than somebody telling you about it. It has magic, it has warmth, it has the simplicity and subtly that any escapist wants. You can know more about the book here.

The Inexplicable Logic of my Life By Benjamin Alire Sáenz

Contemporary with no romance.

A story about friendship, family, love and loss. The story not much wanted yet needed; the characters that are to be lived and loved. There isn’t much of a plot on which to judge the story; rather slices of moments, which makes this book very special and close to my heart. You know the things we should cherish and value.

You can know more about the book here.

Honorable Mention(s)

Modern Romance By Aziz Ansari

One of those rare moments when there is a non-fiction recommendation. We live in an era, where for people like or me be just me is not able to understand anything about romance or love or relationships. What I know is what I have seen from books and films and heard in music, but reality? With 500 different tags in a relationship, with 8327435 different definitions. Simply put, I was exhausted and I wanted to understand.Aziz Ansari made me understand- I am not the crazy one. You can know more about the book here.

Ready Player One By Ernest Cline


For the people judging the book by its film: just don’t. It’s a lot more than just stunning graphics. You can know more about the book here.

Finding Audrey By Sophie Kinsella

One of those books which understood mental illness, was able to talk about it, explain it and yet make you hysterically laugh. You can know more about the book here.

Tonight The Streets Are Ours By Leila Sales

This book, or, say, story, is not something that the mainstream audience will appreciate. Yet, somehow, the story and the characters are very, very special to me. You can know more about the book here.

And with that I would like to end this very long list of books and recommendations!If you have read any of the books come chat with me and let’s talk about all the stories!

If you haven’t and now you want to know more about a specific book, well, you know where to find me. I would like to extend my thanks to Lexi and Andrea for having me here. This was fun! Wish you all a very happy national Author’s Day!

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