This happened 7 or 8 years ago. 

I was alone at home. I decided to change into fresh clothes in my bedroom. The light in the living room is always on in the evenings, which lightly streams into my bedroom, so I kept my bedroom light off. 

However, this evening was different.

The light wasn’t entering the room. Somehow, my gaze was fixed on the light coming in from the living room.  Suddenly, the light wavered a little, as if an extremely thin veil or cloth was being passed through it. I saw something move through the light. Strangely, I did not panic or scream. I calmly went on with the rest of the evening as if nothing had happened. To this day, I have not even told my family about it. But, since this was my first experience with the paranormal, it will remain in my memory forever.

Around the same time, I had another spooky experience.

This one happened a couple of times. At night I have heard my maiden name, Mithila, being called out in whispers very close to my ear. I heard long, extended sounds of my name being called out. I always dismissed it as part of a dream, even though I have often woken up with my heart pounding. Nevertheless, I have kept this a secret, not even confiding in my closest family members. It has stopped now, especially after I was told to read a short holy scripture/holy book. This is my analysis though, that it has stopped because of me reading from the book in which there is a mention of keeping spirits/ghosts away.

However, now I have altogether different experiences. Whenever I look up from a book or turn my gaze from left to right and vice versa, I feel something turn around the corner of the room. I see something in the corner, something dark and shadowy. I never know if something is actually there, or if it’s my mind playing tricks on me. 

This has  been happening for such a long time that it feels normal now. It’s strange that living in such close proximity to the spirit world is normal for me. Anyone else live with a spirit?

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