“Who has two babies in one year?” “Who does that on purpose or on accident?” Those are the words I found myself thinking while rubbing my growing belly and purchasing my new domain name.

Life as I knew it was about to change— in more ways than one.

I decided to pull the plug on my travel blog. The Taste Team had once inspired and afforded me opportunities to explore unique cultures, corners and cuisines.

Now, I wanted to take all I had learned and pour it into a more strategic and personal brand. I wanted to help others grow their brands and businesses without compromising their lives and families.

My bump was my motivation. My once self-centered reasons had converted into selfless, realistic ones.

I could see the flexibility I had always wanted in order to be there for every one of his milestones and accomplishments. Providing for his tangible and intangible needs, without limitations, was my new and improved reason.

Family and friends gave me both requested and unsolicited advice. They all warned me of the wonderful challenges and rewards of motherhood. Still, I considered myself a rare gem; supernatural even.  

I felt like I could do anything, and mastering the balance of motherhood and business would be no exception. I master it everyday, but not nearly in the way I imagined.

I have experienced every cycle of sleepless days and nights, and getting excited about a hot shower and a meal at any temperature. I’ve also managed my way through a mountain of laundry I never knew someone so tiny could create.

None of those challenges or experiences compare to the joys of being a mompreneur.

Fast forward to the start of 2019, and I now have a vibrant baby boy— who’s as free-spirited as his mommy— and a revamped business on track to be just as colorful as my new family.

My two babies are blessings keeping me on my toes every moment of the day. Both have taught me that no matter how much I plan and prepare, I must expect the I unexpected.

Being a mom has taught me about business, and business has taught me about parenting.

Motherhood and business seem parallel in so many ways. They both open your mind to new thoughts, experiences, opportunities and precautions in different ways.

What I’ve learned from my transitions

I’ve learned to forgive myself. To accept imperfect progress and understand perfect imperfections. Being a mom can be messy— beyond the collection of wet diapers, milky drooly burp cloths and food-stained bibs— but it’s a beautiful mess.

There is no earthly being more forgiving, accepting and unconditionally loving than your baby. In the midst of your unfiltered mess, he still wants to be in your presence. That’s the easy, rewarding part. The hard part is self-forgiveness.

As a person who strives for perfection, forgiving yourself is a must when things will almost always not go as planned.

Here’s what else I have learned on the journey of transformation into motherhood:

  1. Patience is a must.
  2. Every day is different (a clean slate).
  3. Your calendar/planner/notebook is your best buddy.
  4. Finding a moment to meditate and pray will keep you centered  (Get your WOOSAH on).
  5. Your little ones are watching you every step of the way (even when you try to hide in the closet to eat your cupcake/gummy bears/popsicle/(insert favorite guilty pleasure here).
  6. Creating a routine— or at least attempting one— will help everyone.

Mothering an online business and new baby forced me to completely come out of my shell. In the past, I struggled with not identifying myself on my previous blogs.

I still maintain a level of privacy for my most precious assets. The difference now is that I have found a way to balance that with representing my brand. That’s one of the reasons I restructured my site.

As for my little one, in a sense I am his voice right now. His cute little babbles, grunts, hand gestures and cries spoke volumes for a while.

My chubs recently made “ma-ma” proud with his first word. While he makes his way into using his own voice in the world, my words explain those gestures, translate those messages and protect him in the process. This has pushed me outside of my passive self to become a more dominant Lioness in the world.

Where my babies will take me next

In 2019, I will settle into my new self and enjoy my business and baby boy as they grow up together. I will continue being hands-on and observant as I learn from them both.

I’m tired of being a ghost!

I plan to break out of ghostwriting and get the credit and compensation I need and deserve. That means continually breaking down those walls and out of my shell.

Ultimately, I want to nurture something and someone I can be proud of. I must give my absolute best for my “mini me” and show him how to do the same one day.

Danielle is a digital creative, freelance writer and virtual consultant. During her sporadic moments of free time, she enjoys travel, movies, books and the endless joy of her little one.

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