Welcome Coasters!

Words Between Coasts is a site created by cousins, Andrea Muller and Lexi Kakis. They live on opposite coasts, but are able to remain close friends through the love they share of storytelling. Now, they want to extend that love to the rest of the world!

Our Mission:

We are a community committed to activism through art and conversation. Words Between Coasts strives to help people find their voices, and share stories that touch souls and change lives.

We are the stories that matter!

Exchange ideas. Share your story. Be heard.


I live in Los Angeles, California, representing the west coast portion of Words Between Coasts. I am an actor, singer, and musician by night, and by day I am working my way towards a degree in dietetics.

Instagram and Twitter: @TheAndreaMuller

Facebook: facebook.com/theandreamuller

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I live in Long Island, New York, representing the east coast portion of Words Between Coasts. I love all things comedy, writing, music and television. 

All social media: @LexiKakis