With Halloween right around the corner, it’s time to perfect your sweet Halloween treats! We found 8 Halloween recipes that will be great for any costume party.

Severed Toes In Bandages

These little piggies went to the….Halloween party? No ghostly gathering is complete without spooky appetizers. These severed toes wrapped in bandages should suit your fancy! Add some blood (ketchup!) for the final touch.


Crescent Roll Witch Hats

Witches make everything spooky! If you’re in need of another appetizer for your party, consider these super easy Crescent Roll Witch hats! You can add cheese, salami or make them like little pizzas!


Meringue Ghost Cookies:

These ghost cookies are super easy to whip up for your Halloween bash! Make sure you have a pastry (or ziploc) bag on hand to pipe these little cuties! Just add some candy googly-eyes!


Spooky Spider Web Chocolate Cake

I’d be more scared if there wasn’t chocolate cake at a Halloween party. Fear not- this double decker chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and marshmallow frosting should satisfy your palette with creepy crawly goodness. If you really want to scare want your guests, be sure to grab these spider toppers from Amazon.


Bloody Red Velvet Cake

Like any good crime scene, this cake will sure messy!  This is a triple layer cake with cream cheese frosting. For the ‘blood’ you can add oil based food dye to white chocolate or pick up some red chocolate melts. Stab a kitchen knife in the middle for the full effect!


Brownie Bat Truffles

Everyone loves cake pops, so why not brownie pops? These bat-tastic treats can be made on lollipop sticks or perched on a plate. Make sure to have mini M&Ms to give those bats some personality!


Mummified Rice Krispies

Rice Krispies are good any time of year, but they’re extra special if they’re dipped in white chocolate and decorated like a mummy. If you want to a fun challenge, you can take Halloween themed cookie cutters to a sheet of rice krispies and mold some other ghoulish figures!


Bonus Recipe:Black Magic Margaritas

Everybody loves a good margarita, so why not spook it up a little with some black magic, like the Sanderson Sisters? A little bit of fun (food coloring) and alcohol,? Your guests will be under a spell, the alcohol notwithstanding!


Be sure to comment down below your favorite Halloween recipes and if you tried any of the fabulous ones listed above! Happy Halloween!

Photo by Cayla1 on Unsplash

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