Ahhhh, the excitement of a New Year!

What is it exactly about the transition between one year to another that sets a strong desire for change? Little or big, it doesn’t matter; the desire is usually there.

I typically approach the end of a year with excitement, happiness and joy for the opportunities a new year can bring. But I think the most powerful thing about starting another year is the chance to transform your life, if you feel like it needs it.

For me personally, it is important to reflect on the past year and ask myself a few questions…. How did I grow? What worked well, and what didn’t? Do things need to change?

In 2018:

  • I started school for Holistic Nutrition.
  • I left a hobby/job that no longer made me happy.
  • I started a blog.
  • I invested in coaching to help me grow in business.
  • I travelled out of the country with my family.
  • I went way out of my comfort zone.
  • I challenged myself physically.

What’s funny is I didn’t realize how much of a life-renovation was actually going on in 2018 until I took the time to review my year and answer those simple questions.

I cannot stress enough how important and beneficial it is to take the time to assess your life. After all, you will never get where you are going unless you pay attention to where you have been.

So….what can you do to help make 2019 a transformative and rewarding year?

Here are 5 rules I followed that helped me tremendously.

  1. Focus on you.

    Stop living your life based on what you THINK others are thinking. Put yourself first, do things that make you happy, and do NOT feel even a little bit guilty about it. IT. FEELS. SO. GOOD.

  1. Take your life seriously.
    Are you in a bad relationship? A horrible job? Whatever negative circumstance you are in, please don’t settle. Take a look at things and see what can/needs to change. IT. IS. YOUR. LIFE.
  1. Travel more.

    Even if that means camping for one night down the road from your house. Traveling has HUGE benefits for your health and happiness. Stepping away from your normal routine can help inspire new thoughts. Plus IT. IS. FUN.

  1. Evaluate what is going into your body.

    Junk food, alcohol, loads of sugar, and bad ingredients limit your body’s full potential. Eating a whole food diet with lots of plant-based foods does wonders for your body, both mentally and physically. IT. FEELS. AMAZING.

  1. Know what you value most and keep it a priority.

    If it is family, then make time for it. If it is a hobby, then invest more in it. The important thing is not to let other things take you away from the most valuable things in your life. IT. IS. WORTH. IT.

I hope these rules can be useful and help transform things in your life if you feel like a change is needed.

What is 2019 looking like for you?


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